Barrio Latino Grill

On Saturday I had a late lunch at the Barrio Latino Grill in the Parque das Nações area.

Even though my girlfriend and I arrived well after 3pm, and there was only one other couple in the entire restaurant, there was no problem for us to sit down and order.

We were offered starters of bread, cheese, olives, a tuna paté, and other things but we just had a little bread, some olives and the tuna paté, which was great. You have to be a little careful with these starter dishes in Portugal, because they have to be paid for. Sometimes you’ll sit down at a restaurant and the waiters will casually slap down a plate of shrimps which you’ll happily pick at, thinking that it’s on the house not unlike when certain Spanish restaurants offer a small “tapas” dish before your meal, only to find you’ve been charged exhorbitantly when they bring you the bill.

Anyway, I ordered beef “Lombo” with roquefort sauce and my partner “espetinho de lombo”, skewered slices of beef with chouriço, bacon and peppers. Salad, chips and rice to accompany. We also enjoyed a good Periquita wine (Terras do Sado denomination) and mineral water. For desert we each had chocolate mousse and a coffee to finish (a “pingado” for me, which is like a small expresso but with a dash of milk. Travellers familiar with Spain will know this as a “cortado”). The final bill came to €49, which is maybe a little expensive, but the food was good.

This wasn’t my first time at this restaurant, so I do like it. Previously I’ve ordered the Acém Barrio Latino, which comes sautéed in spicy peppers is which I find delicious but isn’t a great idea when it’s 30 plus ºC outside!

As mentioned above, perhaps a little expensive, but the food is good and all in all I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

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