Sr. Peixe

On Saturday I had dinner at the Senhor Peixe restaurant in the Parque das Nações area.

I’ve been to this restaurant before, which perhaps should have warned me away, because I already knew it was quite expensive but I’d forgotten just how much. The fish is always good here – the custom is to visit the fish counter and select your meal from the variety of fresh pieces on display – but be prepared to pay for it.

We arrived quite late, just before 10pm and most of the smaller fish had already been taken so we chose a large red imperador (red bream) for the 4 of us (2 adults & 2 kids), with a rosé wine from Alentejo to accompany.

We sat down at one of the long tables and waited. The restaurant wasn’t crowded and many people had chosen to eat in the terrace outside, so we had the long table to ourselves. The restaurants in Portugal have the custom of using these long tables for their seating arrangements, meaning that you’ll often find yourself seating directly next to another guest, almost as if you’re sharing the table with a stranger.

The starters soon arrived – bread & butter, olives, a small dish of fried fish and a plate of large prawns. We ate the olives and fish, but left the prawns which surely would have increased our final bill significantly! The wine had also arrived, and the main course soon afterwards. The fish was delicious and accompanied with a large dish of salad, a plate of chips (french fries) and also some boiled potatoes done in butter.

The final bill came to 111 euros! This may not seem too much for a party of 4, but none of us had a desert, my girlfriend and I having only coffee, and although the kids did order 2 drinks each I still thought it was very expensive. The fish weighed in at 1.75kg and we were charged 80 euros just for that. The food was good, but I’m afraid I won’t be going back to Sr. Peixe again in the near future!