Taxis at the airport

I haven’t been to Lisbon for 10 days now – normally I go every weekend but last week I had to travel first to Amsterdam and then to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten 😉

But the travelling made me think of airports in general and then of Lisbon airport in particular, and I thought I’d post a simple tip for travellers arriving there, one that I always used to use when having to take a taxi.

Whatever flight you arrive on, don’t go immediately outside the arrivals terminal to the taxi ranks. Instead, as soon as you’re through customs, take a right and then go up the stairs to the departures area and then left to go out the front doors. In front of the main doors you’ll see 2 or 3 lines of taxis.

In my experience, these taxis are the best ones to take because, unlike the ones outside the arrivals hall, they haven’t been waiting hours for unsuspecting foreigners and are less likely to rip you off. I’m not saying this is a common trait amongst Lisbon taxi drivers, but it does happen like it happens all around the world. And you simply have a better chance of it not happening if you take the taxis waiting outside the departure hall.

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