Praia da Comenda

I spent Saturday afternoon on a small beach called Praia da Comenda, at the foothills of the Serra da Arrábida, close to the city of Setúbal.

This area is popular with families, since there is a large picnic area, through which the smell of charcoal and grilled fish pervades as the sun starts setting and the evening meals are started.

The beach is formed by the banks of the inlet of a small river, the Ajuda, which flows into the larger Sado river, on the other side of which the more popular beaches of Troía can be seen, together with the ferries which take day-trippers from the Troía peninsula back to the port of Setúbal. The nearby Palacio da Comenda provides some architectural interest.

Palacio da Comenda

It was a nice, relaxing afternoon, allowing us to cool off in the water and escape the much higher temperatures in the city and inland. Afterwards we headed into Setúbal, to one of the hundreds of excellent fish restaurants lining the waterfront. We shared a dourada de mar (sea bream), accompanied by some refreshing white Sado wine, then headed back north to the heat!

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