Leitão in Mealhada

In the Aveiro district, the town of Mealhada lies just 17km from Coimbra, in the centre of the Bairrada wine region and is famous all over Portugal for leitão à bairrada, or crispy suckling pig. This delicious dish is roasted in large brick wood-fired ovens, served with potatoes and roast peppers and is the speciality served in almost all restaurants here.

Eating leitão in Mealhada is almost an obligation for travellers passing by this area. Visitors have many restaurants to choose from, the oldest and most famous being Pedro dos Leitões, established in the 40’s.

In August, I ate in the Restaurante Meta dos Leitões, a large restaurant catering for almost 300 people. The suckling pig was really succulent and we accompanied this traditional dish with a full red wine from the area. Definitely a detour to be recommended for any travellers driving along the main Lisbon-Porto road.

Restaurante Meta dos Leitões

Estrada Nacional 1 Km 234 - Mealhada
3050-347 MEALHADA. Tel: 231209540