Evora's Pousada Évora is one of my favorite cities in Portugal which I tend to visit at least once a year. I strongly suggest that you include it in a tour of Portugal, or even as a daytrip from Lisbon (it’s about 2 hours away by express bus). What draws me there every year is not any major event (as do the regular events in Obidos for example), but rather the city itself. It has the status of a city but it is actually a small university town big in history and with an appealing charm. I had never stayed overnight though, so a few weeks ago I decided to experience an evening strolling through its streets and floodlit monuments and staying at its famous pousada.As written in a previous post, I am a big fan of Portugal’s pousadas, and Evora’s was one of the first to open. It is a former convent and its location can’t be beat, right in the center and facing the landmark Temple of Diana. As always the service was flawless and the breakfast by the cloisters was once again my favorite experience.

Chapel of Bones Obviously I also took the opportunity to (re)visit the city’s sights, such as the gruesome Chapel of Bones and the imposing Cathedral. Nothing had changed (except that now there is an entrance fee for the cathedral when it was free one year ago when I last visited it), but there’s always a certain pleasure walking around this city, from the main Giraldo Square, through Portas da Moura, always ending up by the temple, which is even more romantic at night.

On the way to Evora I passed by the many megalithic monuments that surround it, and wanted to visit the cave of Escoural for its prehistoric drawings, but to my disappointment it was closed and a visit is only possible if booked in advance. But that was probably good news, since it gives me one more reason to revisit Evora once again next year.

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