Nearly Spring!

Belem park and Jeronimos Monastery Last weekend was glorious in Lisbon – bright and sunny weather which, although temperatures cooled off in the evening, allowed the city to be enjoyed in shirt-sleeves.

 We took advantage of this fact and paid a visit to the Belém district of Lisbon. We arrived quite early, around 09.30h, and since we hadn’t yet had breakfast we headed straight for the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém to sample (again!) the famously delicious Pasteis de Belém; tasty custard tarts in crisp pastry, sprinkled liberally with icing sugar or canela (cinnamon) to taste. As always, the cafeteria was doing a brisk trade but even so it was easy to find a table and enjoy our cheese tostas and then the pasteis, all accompanied by our abatanado coffees (in a larger cup than normal).

After filling ourselves, we headed to the nearby Mosteiro dos Jerónimos to have a quick look round, enjoying the cool stone structure which houses both Vasco da Gama’s and Luis de Camões’ tombs.

Next we slowly walked around the Monastery, marvelling at the tranquil streets and large houses nearby which really make it hard to believe you’re in a major European capital! We made our way to the Tropical Gardens and had a delightfully peaceful stroll in perhaps what is the best time of year to visit, while the weather is not too hot and the grass at its greenest. We saw newly hatched duck chicks and lost count of the different countries represented here by the different trees and plants.

We were almost ready for lunch by this time but had to leave and go back over the river to the south of Lisbon. We therefore missed out on all the other things Belém has to offer, but for sure we’ll be back another day soon to enjoy once again this wonderful area of a wonderful city. See our Belém page for more information.

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