Japanese Food in Lisbon

Just a brief post to recommend a good Japanese restaurant in Lisbon.

Teppanyaki table in Sakura, LisbonLast Saturday, we went to the Restaurante Sakura in Rua José Carlos dos Santos near Entrecampos. This restaurante is certainly not just about sushi, although you can of course have sushi here. The fun thing about being at this restaurant are the teppanyaki tables, where there is a hot plate in the middle of the table and you watch while the Japanese chefs prepare and grill your food.

Apart from the occasional use of a sharp knife, almost all the food is prepared using just 2 simple spatulas. These implements are skillfully managed by the chef to cut, chop and serve the different types of food being prepared on the grill. Especially interesting is the way they prepare and cut an omelette which is later added to boiled rice.

From time to time, the chefs also spray oil on the food and light it, flames leaping up into the air (see picture) as they quickly move out of the way to the enjoyment of the nearby diners.

We ordered 2 complete menus at 25 euros each. This menu consists of several dishes: soup, grilled prawns, chicken, rice, meat, vegetables, all grilled and prepared right in front of you, and there was sufficient to share with my girlfriend’s 2 kids. For desert I ordered a green tea ice-cream.

Restaurante Saukura,
Rua José C Santos 18 Lisboa
1700-257 LISBOA
Tel: 217 931 303

Thanks to De blogar por mais! for the photo.

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  1. Arief Says:

    Japanese food is as refined as any of the great cuisines of the world, but alongside the elegant fare is the humble bowl of rice and the heritage of simple country cooking.