The bar at 'Bedroom' in Bairro Alto, Lisbon A friend of mine who has been living in Cairo for some time returned to Lisbon and invited me for a get-together with friends last weekend.  She chose “Bedroom” as our post-dinner drinks destination, a hip Bairro Alto bar that opened about two years ago.  Unlike most Bairro Alto bars where everyone prefers to stand outside, there is enough space here to actually sit — or lie down inside.  That’s because, as you’d imagine from the name, there are several beds and cushy seats for you to share with your company. Surrounding the beds is some sophisticated decor, from chandeliers to wallpaper with geometric shapes.  A giant globe hanging from the ceiling however, reminds you that this “bedroom” is obviously a disco.  The crowd is mostly young (and seemingly single), and the mood is mostly relaxed, with a DJ spinning funky sounds that can range from hip hop in the middle of the week, to 80s hits on Saturdays.

Laying in bed at 'Bedroom' in Bairro Alto, LisbonA higher level on top of a small staircase is a loungy area with sofas.  I didn’t find it too “loungy” however, since my idea of a lounge is a place where you can sit and relax with a drink and chat away with some background music.  The music here though, is way too loud for that, suggesting this is more of a place to see and be seen.  Sit with a cocktail in hand — drinks cost between 2 and 6 euros.

It is best to arrive after midnight, and it officially closes at 2AM (when, on weekends, most head to the clubs by the river), but many linger until about 3AM. 
It is open from Wednesday to Saturday.  For more details see’s bars page.