Lisbon in 2008

Fontana Park Hotel The New York Times recently published a list of the top 53 places to visit in 2008.
At number 2 on that list came Lisbon (number 1 was the country of Laos). The reasons to make the Portuguese capital the top city in the world to visit this year were the always-affordable prices, as well as the city’s increasing number of cultural attractions. The new Berardo Museum and the upcoming Design and Fashion Museum are both mentioned as contributors to “cementing the city’s avant-garde status,” while designer hotels like Fontana Park and Jeronimos 8 are “attracting style-savvy travellers.”

These two hotels are available for booking here at the Go Lisbon site, and as always, Go Lisbon was the very first site to cover the opening of the new Berardo Museum (including photos of the opening here on this blog), and has always kept readers updated on the Design and Fashion Museum.

In 2008 will continue to be the top source on the web for everything Lisbon, and for those following the New York Times’ advice and traveling to Lisbon, will find everything they need to know here.

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  1. Roger Says:

    Additionally, Yahoo & Shermans Travel just voted Lisbon as the 3rd place to visit in their Top 10 for 2008:-

    One of the reasons mentioned is that Lisbon is the cheapest European capital according to a 2007 Mercer Consulting survey.