A charming Lisbon corner: Flor de Sal

UPDATE: This restaurant has closed. It is now NOVA MESA.

Flor de Sal, Lisbon Spring is here, daylight saving time brings even more hours under the sunny skies, and an outdoor café becomes even more inviting. While Lisbon has plenty of those to choose from, the young Flor de Sal (it will have its first birthday in July) is already among the best in the city. Located in the charming Praça das Flores (a garden-square in the Principe Real neighborhood), it is also a restaurant serving Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The salads score the most points, and they come very nicely presented (and in decent portions) on the plate.

While this may sound like a better option for the daytime, it is actually just as pleasant in the evening. Once again, the outdoor tables in spring and summer will be the first ones to be filled, but there is also space inside. While that interior dining space has no views to the green Praça das Flores, there is a wall with a photo reproducing what you have just seen outside.
The clientele is mostly young locals with a few tourists happy to have stumbled across this peaceful little square slightly off the tourist path and such a pleasant café/restaurant.
The prices, while not the cheapest you’ll find in Lisbon, are quite reasonable when considering the service and the privileged location.
So mark Praça das Flores on your map for Flor de Sal and to also admire some quite charming tiled houses that surround the square. And just down the street, São Bento Palace
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