Magic Kubo

Kubo bar, Lisbon
In a previous post we told you where to go for a drink under the Lisbon summer sun. But for a drink at sunset there is another hotspot you can’t miss. That’s Kubo which for the second year is only open from three months, from July to September. It’s part of Grupo K, the team behind the well-established Lisbon clubs Kremlin and Kapital. At Kubo however, there is no dancing, but drinking and dining in one of the city’s most attractive settings. 

You’ll feel like you’re stepping into the river Tagus (and the sheets of water throughout the space add to that effect) as you enter this terrace when it opens at 5PM. It then only closes at 4AM, making it also a possible destination for a night of socializing, drinking, and/or dining at the adjoining restaurant.

The best time to go is from 6PM to 9PM when the seemingly-magical late afternoon glow of the setting sun floods the river and the city. That’s also when a large slice of the crowd begins to arrive, consisting mostly of 30-something professionals for a post-work drink.

You may also start with a drink (at higher-than-average prices; the cheapest is water at 4 euros) and if your stomach is calling for it, order a sandwich or a salad (average priced). If you decide to stay for dinner, you have the choice of fondue, steak, pizzas, or pastas which may be more expensive than elsewhere in the city, but remember that here you’re also paying for the view.

But even if you don’t stay for dinner, relax on the white sofas and chairs as you listen to a soundtrack of well-known tunes mixed with some chill-out sounds. And if you do plan to stay through the night, be sure to take a light jacket or a thicker shirt, as the current August nights have become rather windy and chilly as a result, which is felt even more by the river.

To get there walk west along the river from Cais do Sodré Station, and after a 5-minute walk you’ll see the all-white space facing the river.