Let the games begin!

Football/soccer in Lisbon Portuguese futebol (football or soccer, depending on which side of the Atlantic you’re on) has received much more attention outside of Portugal since the emergence of international Portuguese stars Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo, famous coach José Mourinho, and with the country hosting the Euro 2004 championships. The national team has also been talked about to a greater extent during the World Cups and European Championships of this decade due to its unprecedented high hopes and subsequent disappointments.But within Portuguese borders, things are somewhat different. With FC Porto winning almost every year so far in the new millennium, the premier league has gotten a little boring. The only excitement comes from off the field, with the never ending soap opera of corruption in the clubs and their presidents.

As another season begins this weekend however, we can only hope for a more exciting year. Tired of those corruption scandals, it’s time to concentrate on the game. With Benfica getting a new coach (Enrique Sanchez Flores, formerly of Spain’s Valencia), its fans hope for re-energized team spirit and success in taking the title away from FC Porto, which in turn hopes to hold on to its winning streak. That leaves the only other team with chances of winning, Sporting Lisbon, which completes the big three of the league — will this finally be the year for Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo’s first club?

If you love the beautiful game and want to see Portuguese futebol in person when you’re in Lisbon, check out the matches taking place in Benfica’s Stadium of Light or Sporting’s Alvalade XXI. How do you get tickets for that? We can help you with that. Click here.