A Perfect Sunday Morning in Lisbon

The cafe at the Chiado Museum
If you decide to go out on a Saturday night in Lisbon it’s very likely that you won’t make it to bed until morning. You won’t then wake up in time for your hotels’ breakfast, so you’ll have to look for brunch elsewhere.

Everyone’s favorites are those served at Deli Delux, Pois Café, Royal Café, or Kaffeehaus, but there’s another perfect spot that even many locals don’t know about. That’s the café of the Chiado Museum, serving the city’s most original brunch. In addition to freshly squeezed and blended juice, there are scrambled eggs, toast, caviar, and mimosa. As soon as you read “caviar” you expect this to be a fancy place with high prices, but it has a casual ambience and everything is reasonably priced.

Have it all in the pleasant garden, decorated with statues that serve as a preview of what you’ll find inside the museum. Because Portugal’s national museums are free on Sunday mornings until 2PM, follow brunch with a visit to the country’s national contemporary art museum. Temporary exhibitions are usually displayed in a room next to the permanent collection consisting of paintings, sculpture, and installations by mostly Portuguese 19th and 20th century artists.

If you want to skip the museum and only try the brunch or have any other light meal at any time of the day, you can do that, as the café entrance is separate from that of the museum. If you’re alone, bring a book or a periodical, as you’ll likely be seduced by the garden setting into staying for some time.