GoCars When You Go Lisbon

Go Cars, Lisbon

Time magazine’s “cool invention of the year” has just arrived in Lisbon. Now you can tour the city in a fun 3-wheeler car with a GPS audio service to guide you through the streets and sights.  You’ll never get lost because the sophisticated onboard computer makes sure you follow the pre-programmed route.  What you are looking at is then described in English, French, or Portuguese (German and Spanish will be available soon), allowing you to see and understand Lisbon like in no other tour.

You can go at your own pace, and see much of the city in a short period of time. This service is ideal for those with only a limited time to see Lisbon, or simply for those who enjoy something different and fun.

It’s been available in San Francisco, San Diego, and Miami, and has now crossed the Atlantic to Barcelona and Lisbon. USA Today predicted this will be the next tourist sensation, and it’s in fact a smart choice for those looking for some freedom and independent sightseeing.

There are four routes available in Lisbon, and you can pick up your car right in the center of the city.  For all the information about the service or to book your car now, see GoLisbon’s GoCars Tours page.