The World’s Oldest Filmmaker is Celebrated in Lisbon

Cinemateca, Portugal's Film Museum in Lisbon
A pink mansion up a street from Avenida da Liberdade is the home of Cinemateca, Portugal’s Film Museum, screening art-house and contemporary films six days a week. Nineteenth century camera equipment is displayed around a grand staircase leading to an art nouveau courtyard, where you can discuss the film you just saw or go to the café next to it.

Cinemateca is celebrating its 50th anniversary on September 29th, and since this year will also be the 100th birthday of Portugal’s most prominent film director Manoel de Oliveira, it will screen his entire work in October. De Oliveira has the record of being the world’s oldest active filmmaker, having made movie magic since the times when films were still silent. He’s received multiple honors and prizes at film festivals (in Cannes he received the Jury Prize), and his latest film will be opening internationally later this year. It will be “Columbus – The Enigma” in which the origins of the famous explorer are traced to a small town in Portugal.

De Oliveira is seen as a European master, having also worked outside Portugal and with international stars such as John Malkovich and Catherine Deneuve. His films are often described as theatrical and many have historical or philosophical themes. His 100th birthday will be on December 11th.
On October 24th, Cinemateca will continue with its 50th anniversary celebration by screening the films of John Carpenter.

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