What does Sarah Palin have to do with Portugal?

Sarah Palin What does Sarah Palin have to do with Portugal? The answer is nothing. But she does share her hometown Wasilla, Alaska with the up-and-coming indie-rock band “Portugal. The Man.” And what does that band have to do with Portugal, you ask? The answer is nothing.

The band says when it came time to name themselves, they wanted to represent a group of people, and the name of a country sounded ideal. None of them are Portuguese, and they give no reason why they chose Portugal except for “it just sounded best.”

But “Portugal. The Man” has come across the Republican vice-presidential candidate who just may (gods, heavens, universe forbid!) end up becoming the leader of the free world as president of the United States — band member Zach had to deal with her when a skate park was built in Wasilla and their friends know her children.

Whoda thought that such a small town like Wasilla would end up having so many of its children on the international stage? And while “Portugal. The Man” may be only the second most famous name to come out of Alaska, they hope to surpass their controversial former mayor/now-governor/hopefully-never-vice-president in popularity. They’ve toured Europe and are now taking their music around the United States. Curious? Their latest album “Censored Colors” is on sale together with their previous releases. Their official website has more information about them: portugaltheman.net

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