Madeira for the Holidays

Royal Savoy Hotel, Madeira

It is now mid-November, so the time to plan your holidays is here. If you’re looking to escape to a warmer climate for New Year’s, somewhere with special celebrations but that won’t feel too foreign, the place for you is Portugal’s Madeira island. Its New Year’s fireworks show is one of the most spectacular in Europe, and throughout the Christmas season its capital Funchal is filled with light and holiday spirit.

Madeira is one of those places where you don’t necessarily go to see monuments, but rather to enjoy a one-of-a-kind setting, a subtropical paradise as close to the Equator as it is to Europe, but with a distinct European feeling (almost as British as Portuguese). It is also an island to experience what elsewhere may be unaffordable luxury to most of us, but that here is offered at reasonable prices. Open up a major travel publication ranking the best hotels Europe, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll see one from Madeira.

In fact, those hotels are an essential part of the Madeira experience, and when choosing your ideal place to stay in the island you must take into consideration your budget and your personality. Depending on those factors, these are the hotels in Madeira you should consider for the upcoming holiday season:

Designed to provide the most breathtaking views of the Atlantic (inclusing from its garden and outdoor swimming pool), this luxurious hotel is for those looking for a romantic getaway, and the perfect gift for a special someone for the holidays.

Travelers looking for the utmost sophistication should choose this hotel that’s constantly voted one of the best in Europe. It overlooks practically the entire island, and is comprised of bungalow-style units designed by architects and designers who’d previously worked on resorts in Malasya and Bora Bora. For a similar exotic experience in European territory, this is the place to go.

A member of Design Hotels, this is the choice of young, cosmopolitan travelers who look for cuting edge interior design and sheer sophistication. Enjoy a meal by a 3-Michelin star chef at the restaurant and the deluxe rooftop spa at the end of your day.

A 19th century mansion with luxurious gardens and stunning views was converted into this exclusive hotel. The décor is classic elegance, which extends to the two restaurants offering first-class cuisine. Mature couples will love it, and it’s ideal for a second honeymoon.

You’re practically standing on the Atlantic at this hotel that is a good choice for a family holiday. There’s a large saltwater pool for adults, as well as a children’s pool, mini golf, tennis court, and other sports facilities, in addition to private access to the sea.

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