The 100 Year-Old Filmmaker

Manoel Oliveira films

As announced here on GoLisbon Blog, Lisbon’s Film Museum showed every single movie ever directed by Manoel de Oliveira last October. That legendary Portuguese director has the record of being the world’s oldest filmmaker and turns 100 years old today. Despite the age, he doesn’t have plans to slow down any time soon. He’s currently directing yet another film, and plans to write his autobiography.

A special box set of all of his films has just been released in Portugal, and includes a book about the themes of his movies and his film-making style. The set includes his latest release “Columbus: the Enigma” about the famous explorer’s identity, and the award-winning “The Letter” and “A Talking Picture” with John Malkovich and Catherine Deneuve.

There probably won’t be another director with such a long career for quite some time. But as also proven by the Portuguese lady who is currently the world’s oldest person, some people are simply born with better genes.