Lisbon’s Castle of St. George’s New Museum

St. George's Castle, LisbonA new attraction in Lisbon’s St. George’s Castle opens today. It’s a permanent exhibition made up of archaeological remains found throughout the years as the castle was renovated and excavated. These were important finds, as they shed a light into the life of the different people who’ve lived in the area, from the Romans to the Moors. The Moorish finds are the strongest highlights of the collection, especially those from the 11th and 12th centuries when the castle was given its current layout.

Before those fortifications there had been other cultures occupying the top of Lisbon’s highest hill, proven by the Iron Age findings which are displayed next to the more “recent” ceramic pieces from the 15th to 18th centuries.

The exhibition is included in the ticket price to enter the castle, and joins the periscope in the Tower of Ulysses as the major cultural attraction on the site. However, the highlight of a visit to Lisbon’s castle is, and will always be, the breathtaking views over the city.

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