Lisbon Video

Lisbon VideoPicture San Francisco with a blend of Paris — hills, avenues, stunning views, Old World charm and New World ambition“, see Lisbon in an 8-minute video.

It suggests that you take a ride around the city on tram 28, stay at the Fontana Park Design Hotel, dine at Bica do Sapato, listen to Fado at Clube de Fado, chill out with a cocktail at Cinco Lounge, and take a daytrip to Cascais.

“Once a great maritime power, sending explorers throughout the globe, Lisbon retains its sights to the past: monuments, castles, lovely old neighborhoods, and turn-of-the-century trams, but at the same time, this city is transforming itself with a surging economy and modern spirit  (…) Lisbon might not rule the world these days, but it’s back definitely as a place to be.”

One Response to “Lisbon Video”

  1. Mary Goudie Says:

    Can’t say this video impresses me one little bit – its far too broken up image wise with too many different transitions all slotted in and only slows down when we get to the sponsored suggestions. I must be a first for the worst badly pronounced river in history, which really bugs me as I am sure the sponsors can afford to DO IT RIGHT! Lets hope no tourists parrot this when they come. Who is this video for anyway? I will look forward to see what other people make of it!