Staying at an Apartment in Lisbon

Lisbon Apartments

After having told you which hotels and hostels got the most bookings through last year, we must also tell you that almost as many visitors book apartments as they do hotels. Although the majority of Lisbon’s hotels are located uptown in the business districts, most of the apartments rented to tourists are found in the very center of the city. offers a variety of apartments in the downtown (Baixa) and Chiado districts, but also in the picturesque Alfama neighborhood just a short walk or tram ride away.
They accommodate between 2 and 8 people, and are the ideal choice for families, groups of friends, or simply someone wishing to stay in a cosier, more private space.

The neighborhood you choose to stay in depends on what you’re looking to do in the city. Young travelers wishing to be close to Lisbon’s nightlife should look for an apartment in Bairro Alto or Chiado. Those looking to experience the city as a local, often choose Alfama. For easy access to sightseeing, the choice is any of the apartments in Baixa.

With many of the city’s decaying buildings in these areas finally being renovated and often bought by foreigners, there’s an increasing number of modern, fully-furnished apartments being rented to tourists in Lisbon. And everyone wins with this situation — the city has its buildings cleaned up, people make money out of their investments, and tourists can have the advantage of having a home away from home at a lower price than they’d pay at a standard hotel.

For all the apartments available for bookings, see our Lisbon apartments section.

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