Go Lisbon’s Top 5 Hostels in 2008

Lisbon HostelsYesterday we told you which were the top 5 hotels booked through GoLisbon.com in 2008. Today we can tell you which 5 hostels were the favorites among GoLisbon clients last year.

Young independent travelers and backpackers may have heard that Lisbon’s Travellers House has been distinguished as one of the best hostels in the world, and perhaps for that reason it’s become the most popular choice on this website.

In second place was a relative newcomer, Lisbon Story Guesthouse, probably due to its excellent location by Rossio Square and its rooms telling the story of Lisbon.

Coming in third was the Lisbon Poets Hostel, perhaps because of its average 93.3% rating from past guests or its location just steps away from Chiado.

Not too far away is the Oasis Backpackers Mansion, and that was the fourth most popular choice among GoLisbon visitors. Its current 96.8% rating, not to mention its wonderful atmosphere, will surely continue to attract more bookings throughout this new year.

Oasis Backpackers was closely followed by Black and White Hostel, the fifth best-selling choice. Featuring one of the most attractive and colorful interiors in Lisbon, it also has a 90.5% average rating to convince potential guests to go ahead with their bookings.

Tying it with the exact same number of bookings to also make it the 5th most popular hostel was Lisbon Vintage, located uptown but with very easy access from the airport and to the center of the city.

See all of GoLisbon’s hostels, or perhaps you’d rather stay in the privacy of your own apartment. You may also prefer a hotel, and as you may have seen by now, GoLisbon.com offers all types of accommodation in Lisbon and all of Portugal, including the romantic pousadas.

Rick Steves Recommends Go Lisbon

The American/Texan newspaper Dallas Daily News has published an article about Lisbon written by the famous travel writer Rick Steves. Famous for his TV series “Rick Steves’ Europe” and his guidebooks, Steves returns to Europe every year looking for all that’s changed, all that’s new, and all that remains the same in the Old Continent.

On his most recent trip to Lisbon, he decided to experience Fado as the locals do. Although that’s nearly impossible (Fado these days is more of a tourist trap than an authentic experience), and the article itself is a little romanticized, GoLisbon recommends it because Rick Steves also recommends GoLisbon.com at the end of the article 😉

If you’re interested in knowing more about Fado and where to hear it in Lisbon, see our fado section.

To read the full Rick Steves article, click here.

Go Lisbon’s Top 5 Hotels in 2008

Radisson SAS Lisbon HotelBased on the top hotels booked through GoLisbon.com, it seems that most Lisbon visitors (or at least GoLisbon clients) choose value for money first, followed by location, and easy access from and to the airport. By far the most booked hotel through the website was Golden Tulip Altis, located not far from downtown by public transportation, and with a 4-star service at very reasonable (even cheap) prices. Another factor that may lead to so many bookings is its average rating of previous guests, at 8.3 out of 10 at this moment. That’s exactly the same rating as the second most-popular choice, Radisson SAS Lisboa Hotel. It is another inexpensive 4-star hotel, and although located farther from the center of the city, it offers an airport shuttle service.

Coming in third was the Olissipo Castelo Hotel, a more romantic place around the corner from the castle. This was obviously the choice for those on a more romantic trip, looking for a cosy atmosphere in a central but quiet area. The current 9.2 rating after 206 reviews of past guests and the great price may also contribute to convincing visitors to book it.

The fourth most-booked hotel in 2008 was Hotel Veneza, located in a 19th century building in Avenida da Liberdade. This was a smart choice of those travelers who’ve done their homework and know that its location in the city’s main avenue will give them easy access to most of Lisbon’s attractions.

Concluding the top 5 is Hotel Botanico, also not far from Avenida da Liberdade and named after the city’s botanical garden nearby. It is an incredibly good value, with almost 200 reviews of guests giving it a rating of 8.6.

GoLisbon.com offers the most Lisbon accommodation choices on the web, listing not only hotels but also hostels, apartments, and pousadas.

Lisbon Cleaning Up in 2009

Graça Viewpoint, LisbonAs such an old, decaying city, Lisbon is begging for rejuvenating works in almost every corner. While there’s some romantic charm in some of the dilapidation, much of it is sad evidence of decades of neglect after a large chunk of the city’s population moved away from the center and the river to the suburbs and uptown.

With this being an election year and with the center of the city finally going through a (very) slow renaissance, Lisbon will be under construction in several areas in 2009. The most important is in Comercio Square, whose entire center around its equestrian monument will be closed for a few months due to works on the city’s sewage system. You can still stand by its triumphal arch and go under its arched galleries, but you won’t have access to the benches in the center of the square to stop and rest a while.

Many of the city’s viewpoints will also be cleaned up. Last year it was the São Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint, this year will be half a dozen more, including the emblematic Santa Luzia, Graça, and Senhora do Monte.  Also promised is the continued effort to remove the graffiti from the walls of Bairro Alto, something that has already started in Rua do Norte, the city’s trendiest and most alternative shopping street. The young crowds that shop there for their clubwear and brand-name sneakers and backpacks, have already seen it graffiti-free since late 2008, and hopefully the entire neighborhood will see the same by the end of this year.

Lisbon Video

Lisbon VideoPicture San Francisco with a blend of Paris — hills, avenues, stunning views, Old World charm and New World ambition“, see Lisbon in an 8-minute video.

It suggests that you take a ride around the city on tram 28, stay at the Fontana Park Design Hotel, dine at Bica do Sapato, listen to Fado at Clube de Fado, chill out with a cocktail at Cinco Lounge, and take a daytrip to Cascais.

“Once a great maritime power, sending explorers throughout the globe, Lisbon retains its sights to the past: monuments, castles, lovely old neighborhoods, and turn-of-the-century trams, but at the same time, this city is transforming itself with a surging economy and modern spirit  (…) Lisbon might not rule the world these days, but it’s back definitely as a place to be.”