Lisbon is Sunny Again! – 3 Places to Enjoy the Sun in the City

Lisbon weatherThis past month, Lisbon was no longer Europe’s sunniest capital. That’s because there was no sun in Europe for weeks. Lisbon got the most rain in 30 years for the month of January, London was covered in snow, and the winter storm Klaus left millions of euros in damages across the continent.

But this will finally be a sunny (and warmer) weekend in Lisbon, so to celebrate the better weather, here are the three places for a drink (and a meal) in the sun in Lisbon:

Op Art Café
It’s most popular as a bar and club at night when it spins electronic beats until the sun rises, but Op Art is also one of the most pleasant riverfront cafes for a light meal in the afternoon. If you want to return at night you’ll find a menu of reasonably-priced fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes.

Deli Delux
For many people in Lisbon, Sunday is not complete without brunch at Deli Delux. It has tables in the interior which doubles as a gourmet shop, but the place everyone heads to is the outdoor patio by the river. If it’s past brunch hour you can also get a light meal, including some good pastas and drinks.

À Margem
Huge salads and a wonderful riverfront setting are the main reasons to visit this café-restaurant found between the landmark Discoveries Monument and Belem Tower. When the sun is shining the outdoor tables facing the river are the favorites, but even if you can only get a seat indoors it will still feel like you’re outside due to the glassed walls allowing you to admire the clear blue sky, the river, and the sunlight.

See GoLisbon’s Lisbon cafes guide for more eating and drinking options in the afternoon.

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