GoLisbon.com an Essential Lisbon Source for London’s The Times

London's The Times features the Go Lisbon website
London’s The Times has just published an article about Lisbon in its travel section where the writer goes through the Portuguese capital following suggestions found on the internet.
Of course GoLisbon.com was one of the sources of inspiration, which included helping the author find the Fabulas Café we just told you about here, which turned out to be her favorite lunch spot: “This cafe/bar/art gallery/internet cafe is not somewhere I’d have stumbled on, so thanks to golisbon.com for finding my favourite lunch spot.”

She also goes into the charming Casa das Velas do Loreto shop thanks to Go Lisbon, where she ended up buying “a perfect gift,” and stops at Royal Café, also recommended on this website.
GoLisbon.com also persuaded her to visit the Santa Justa Elevator, which she found “worthwhile,” just another example of how GoLisbon.com continues to be the most complete and up-to-date guide to Lisbon, and why it’s the #1 source for tourist information about the city.
You can read the entire Times article here.

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