Lisbon wins the Hoscars!

Travellers House, Lisbon
Traveller's House, Lisbon

We always knew that Lisbon had the coolest, most chic and all-round best hostels. But this was officially confirmed back in January with the announcement of the Hoscars for 2008.

Mario mentioned this in passing while he announced our very own GoLisbon Oscars (Goscars?) for the Top 5 Hostels for 2008.

But the official Hoscars really give you a good idea of which cities around the world are home to the best hostels, because more than 800,000 travellers voted in last year’s edition, with more than 20,000 establishments competing and being judged on 6 criteria: character, security, location, staff, fun and cleanliness.

And Lisbon took the first 3 places in the Hoscars Top 10 list, with Traveller’s House Hostel winning first prize. 800,000 travellers can’t be wrong, and visitors to can’t be either, since they voted with their bookings and also made this marvellous hostel Number 1 on our very own Top 5 list mentioned previously.

The Rossio Hostel came second in the voting, with Lisbon Lounge third, and a very respectable eighth place for the Goodnight Backpackers Hostel.

And the prizes for Lisbon didn’t stop there: Lisbon Lounge also took 1st Prize in the “Cleanest Hostel” category, and Rossio Hostel came top in the “Most Fun” and “Best Small Hostel” categories

But it’s impossible not to admire the achievement of the Traveller’s Hostel. 1st Prize in the Hoscars, and top also in the “Hostel with Best Location” and “Hostel with Most Character” categories, as well as most booked hostel from in 2008.

But if you’re thinking of visiting Lisbon and are looking for cheap, top quality accommodation, don’t limit your search to the hostels mentioned here, however good they are. Try out too, Lisbon’s 5 newest hostels, which haven’t yet had a chance to compete in these prestigious awards but for sure will be in the running next year.

And the fierce competition will be putting the rest of Lisbon’s hostels on their toes, making sure that you, the client, enjoys the prefect stay in the perfect city.

So, the winner is…. Lisbon! And you, the visitors to this sun-filled city, which is now on top of the world for cheap, first-rate accommodation

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