Lisbon’s Most Graphic Photos: From a Peep Show to a Public Urinal

Walk around downtown Lisbon and you’ll see a rich variety of old topography in public and commercial signage. Many of those signs indicate businesses that no longer exist, but the new shops that took their place decided to preserve the charming graphics. Some examples are illustrated below, and the first one you see is the “Animatógrafo do Rossio,” a movie theater from 1907 with a beautiful art-nouveau façade. Today it offers a different kind of entertainment — it’s now the city’s only peep show house and a place for old men to stock up on porn in addition to getting some quick cheap thrills.
Walk towards Restauradores Square and you’ll find a building advertising shotguns, pistols, revolvers, and all the stuff a “hunter” needs. That service no longer exists, but it recalls a time when ammunition was acquired openly in the center of the city and not in a back alley of a poor neighborhood in the capital’s outskirts.
What remains in service is a public urinal just outside the gate of St. George’s Castle. The views from the castle’s battlements are quite breathtaking, but if for some reason they also make you want to urinate, now you know where to go.
Other examples below recall a time when Paris established itself as the world’s fashion capital, exporting trends and styles all over Europe, and obviously including Lisbon. Also seen below are a couple of cafes born during the grand old days when they were essentially cultural institutions where authors and artists used to meet.
These are just some close-ups of Lisbon’s fascinating details, and you can see more of the city in our Lisbon photo galleries.

Graphic photos of Lisbon - From a peep show to a public urinal

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