Lisbon in the Future: The New Comercio Square

Comercio Square in the future

At the moment, Comercio Square, the largest, most monumental square in Lisbon is undergoing works in its entire central area due to maintenance in the city’s sewage system. Once that is over next month, the square will continue to be a construction site until late next year. It will get a long overdue makeover, removing traffic from two of its sides, allowing for more pedestrian use of the space. The other two sides will still be used for transport, with two car lanes by the river, and the side by the triumphal arch being used only by trams. As illustrated below, the sides no longer used by the automobile will be given broad sidewalks, most likely to be transformed into outdoor cafes. That pavement where tables and chairs will stand on will be crossed by lines inspired by coordinates on navigational charts used by the Portuguese explorers. The central area around the statue will be given an ocher color, supposedly so that the sun reflects less from the ground and the place becomes less blinding on sunny days. A lighter color will mark a walkway from the triumphal arch towards the river and the steps that descend to it. It is hoped that the complete renovation can be unveiled in time for the October 2010 celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Portuguese Republic, an event brought by the assassination of the king on this square in 1908 which led to the end of monarchy soon after that.

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Comercio Square in the future

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