Lisbon’s Zoo Is Celebrating 125 Years

Lisbon ZooLisbon’s Zoo just had its 125th birthday this past week, and the celebrations will continue throughout the month of June. There will be special events every weekend of the month, and the National Geographic Channel has just produced a documentary about it. This is the oldest zoo in the Iberian Peninsula, and although it won’t differ much from the one you may have in your hometown, you get to see a large number of exotic animals, including a special elephant known to ring a bell with his trunk if you throw him a coin. Lisbon’s zoo also stands out for the diversity of its animals, thanks to the “universal” climate of the city, allowing every animal from all corners of the globe to feel at home. That means you’ll be able to see everything from a Persian Leopard to a Siberian Tiger, this last one born from the first successful artificial insemination of the species in Europe.
This zoo also contributes to international efforts in the preservation of endangered species, and has participated in different international projects such as the exploration of Madagascar forest. It has also exported animals to other parts of the world, including a highly successful case of a female black rhinoceros that was sent to South Africa in 1990 and has had several offspring since then.
If you want to visit the zoo, it is surprisingly found in the center of the city, easily reached by metro using the blue line and getting off at the Jardim Zoologico station.