Lisbon In The Future: The Third Tagus Bridge

New Lisbon Bridge

In 2017, Lisbon will have a new airport across the river in the town of Alcochete (pronounced “Alcoo-shit” so hopefully the airport will be baptized with a different name…)  At the moment there are two bridges linking both sides of the Tagus, but a third one will be necessary for travelers to reach the airport, especially those using the future high-speed train that is also being planned.

Right now the bridge still has no name (it’s simply being called “the third bridge over the Tagus”) and an official design is still being decided. However, it apparently will be something like the one seen on the virtual image above, and that will be the future view from the castle. As is the case with any new major construction, many people are protesting the idea (even sending around a petition against it), claiming that it ruins a classic view of the city. Some have even suggested that the third Tagus crossing should be underwater, while others prefer another location for the bridge. What is known for sure is that it will in fact be a bridge estimated to cost 1.7 billion euros and that it will have 3 or 4 lanes for automobiles with the rest of the space given to high-speed and regular train services.

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