Lisbon’s New Botto Machado Garden

Jardim Botto Machado, Lisboa

Yesterday we told you about Lisbon’s renovated and rebaptized Graça viewpoint, and today we can tell you that another green space has also been cleaned up and reopened not too far from that viewpoint. That’s the Botto Machado Garden, found next to the National Pantheon where the city’s flea market takes place twice a week. Now you have a new space where you can sit, relax, and admire the river after browsing the market or visiting the monuments nearby (São Vicente de Fora Monastery and the National Pantheon), and if you have children with you, they now have a small playground available surrounded by the fresh air of newly-planted flowers and trees. There is also a new kiosk serving refreshments and offering chairs for visitors to relax for a while.