I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Even More Lisbon Ice Cream

Finzi Contini, Lisboa

Last summer we told you where to find Lisbon’s best ice cream (see I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Lisbon Ice Cream).
Soon after we published last year’s recommendations, Finzi Contini opened next to Rossio Station in the center of the city, offering an extra variety of flavors, along with smoothies and other creamy pleasures. It does not have the look of a typical ice cream shop, but more of a sophisticated café, with elegant furnishings in its interior and outdoor terrace. It’s open throughout the year, so if you’re in the city in winter, you can still enjoy an ice cream or go for one of the warmer pastries.
An even more recent opening is Artisani, an ice scream stand with tables facing 25 de Abril Bridge in Docas. It will remain open throughout the summer, but will then close at its present location to open elsewhere in the center of the city. In the meantime, you may enjoy the most surprising and often unusual flavors in Lisbon, served in a cup or as an iced beverage. That can mean a cup of caipirinha ice cream, or a glass of mint tea with lemon sorbet, and using mostly natural ingredients.
Natural flavors and no preservatives is also promised at a corner of Restauradores Square. The charming A Veneziana ice cream shop is one of Lisbon’s oldest, a tiny space that’s so easy to miss but that you’ll return to every time you crave something cool and sweet. It all started in 1933 when an Italian decided to immigrate to the United States through the port of Lisbon, but ended up staying in the Portuguese capital. His traditional Italian recipes are still used at the ice cream shop he ended up opening in the city, and remains a success over seven decades later.

Artisani, Lisboa