Go Natural When You Go Lisbon

Go Natural

Yesterday we told you how to save on accommodation in Lisbon by staying in the city’s new boutique hostels which are offering discounts through GoLisbon’s booking service. Today we can tell you where you can save on eating and drinking, and still have an excellent, quick, healthy meal. That’s at Go Natural, a fast(er) food service for the health-conscious 21st century. It is found in most of Lisbon’s shopping malls, as well as by the Marquês de Pombal Square in the center of the city, where it shares the same building as the BES bank. No matter which Go Natural you choose, you’ll always find fresh ingredients in salads, pastas, soups, sushi, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks. There are several chicken, tuna, and salmon options, but everything else also makes excellent choices for vegetarians. Most pastas and salads are less than 5 euros, while the soups average 2 euros each. The sandwiches and wraps are between 3 and 4 euros, with only the sushi going for anywhere from 5.75 to 12.50.
Desserts and pastries include a variety of fresh fruit and cheesecakes, brownies, and muffins.