Sintra’s New Natural History Museum

Museu História Natural, Sintra

Most travelers visiting Lisbon also go to Sintra to see its famous palaces, but starting this week they have another interesting museum to add to their sightseeing list. The Sintra Natural History Museum is found right in the center of town, in a 19th century building that used to be a market. It now houses a collection of fossils and pieces relating to the natural world, donated by a local collector who put it together over five decades. In addition to the permanent exhibition area, the museum includes space for temporary exhibits, as well as a shop and cafeteria.
Although many of the pieces of the permanent collection date back to millions of years, 21st -century technology has been used to bring them back to life. They show how the world has evolved to present times, and there are also some very curious findings such as a gigantic shark tooth found by the coast of Lisbon (don’t worry, sharks are not known to ever come close to Lisbon’s beaches). Other highlights include dinosaur eggs and meteorites, and the world’s only example of a flying reptile, the Braseodactylus sp which is not only a unique find but also completely intact.
You may visit this museum every day except Mondays, and it’s open from 10AM to 6PM. Best of all, it’s free!

Address: Rua do Paço, 20
Phone: 219 238 563