Experimenta Design – Lisbon’s Design Biennial 2009

Experimenta Design, Lisbon

Lisbon’s biggest event this fall is its design biennial, Experimenta Design. It’s been taking place in the city since 1999 and was expanded to Amsterdam in 2008, focusing on design, architecture, and creativity. The event has a different theme for every edition, and this year it’s called “It’s About Time.” It starts on the 9th of this month and will continue until the 8th of November, with special exhibitions around the city looking at time as material, resource and challenge. Some of the venues include the Orient Museum, the Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and Camões Theater in Parque das Nações. You may get the complete information about the event and find out how, where and when you can check out the exhibitions and conferences at the official website: www.experimentadesign.pt

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