Lisbon in the Future: The Cascais Marina Tower

Cascais Marina Tower

Continuing our series of Lisbon in the Future reports, today we bring you a project for outside the city, in Cascais, or more specifically for the Cascais marina. It’s a 100m-high tower with 30 floors that will be a hotel offering 200 rooms called Hotel da Luz and designed by Pedro Appleton of Lisbon-based Promontório Arquitectos. It was first announced in 2006 and it was hoped that it would be unveiled in 2009, but it’s clearly behind schedule and no new updates have been given. Still, the project remained “on the table” as of a few months ago.
It’s an architecturally ambitious project, as this will be a glass tower that is more common in emerging metropolises like Dubai than in a European resort town, but it’s surely to become an icon not just of Cascais but of the entire Lisbon region.