The European Wine Bloggers Conference in Lisbon

European Wine Bloggers Conference in LisbonFrom October 30th to November 1st, Lisbon will bring together wine writers, winemakers, foodies, wine retailers and distributors from around the world for a special wine conference. Lisbon is of course the capital of a great wine country, whose labels have become more popular and of a higher quality each new year, and participants of the conference will be able to sample the unique diversity of Portuguese wines together with a wide range of international labels. If you love all kinds of wine, you may take a look at the conference’s website to find out how you can participate in it. You’ll stay at the Hotel VIP Grand Lisboa and visit a wine region while also sampling traditional and contemporary Portuguese cuisine along the way. has joined the organization in guiding the conference participants through Lisbon, by providing a number of suggestions for days and nights around the city. Those suggestions have been posted over the summer on their website and you may want to check them out for some extra Lisbon ideas even if you won’t be able to be part of the conference:

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