Lisbon is the City with the Best 5-Star Bargains in the World

Avenida Palace Hotel, LisbonA recently-reported study regarding the cost of luxury hotels has shown that prices have tumbled around the world. Travelers can now enjoy 5-star accommodation at around 100 euros per night, and the major world city where that is most possible is Lisbon. The Portuguese capital tops the list of what is now considered “budget five-star hotels”, meaning visitors can at the moment get even more for their holiday money.
If you weren’t already convinced that Lisbon is currently the most attractive European capital when it comes to value, weather, and safety combined with its surprising cultural attractions, this should leave no doubts. Other European destinations such as Prague and Warsaw have also made the top 10 list of affordable 5-star-hotel cities, but no other can beat Lisbon for true value.
GoLisbon therefore recommends its visitors to check out prices at some of the city’s top hotels which just may reveal themselves to be quite reasonably priced. Consider Pestana Palace which is a favorite of visiting celebrities, stay in grand European style in the center of the city at Avenida Palace, or check out the city’s Sheraton which offers a fantastic restaurant with views and a fabulous spa.
Those who prefer the luxury of their own apartment will find dozens of choices in the center of Lisbon at even more affordable prices.

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