“Infusão” – A New Café in Lisbon’s Chiado

Café Infusão, Chiado

In addition to the new Marc Jacobs shop, there was another opening in Lisbon’s Chiado last week. Together with shopping, that Lisbon district is mostly known for its cafés, and “Café Infusão” is the latest one. But this is no ordinary café, which also calls itself a “crêperie.” In addition to a dish of the day, the café allows you to select from a list of sweet or salted crepes, for which you choose the ingredients. They’re all less than 5 euros and come on a large plate, making them perfect for an inexpensive light meal.
With a name like Infusão (“Infusion”), I was expecting a list of teas, but that choice is a little limited. Perhaps in the colder days of winter that will be added to their menu. What it does have is the choice of a freshly squeezed fruit juice, which considering the warm weather we’re still having in Lisbon this October, it’s a much better choice.
The space is quite casual and inviting, with wooden furnishings and a blackboard behind the vaulted counter listing the menu.
You’ll find it on Rua da Trindade, just around the corner from Largo do Carmo and the ruins of Carmo Convent.
It closes on Sundays.

Café Infusão, Lisboa

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