A Lisbon Church Reopens After Two Decades

Igreja do Sacramento, ChiadoIt was closed for over two decades, but a church in the heart of Lisbon has just reopened. It was damaged in the great fire of 1988 that devastated much of the neighborhood, and only now did it have its interior restored. Not everything has been fully renovated but its ceiling and much of the altar and walls are now in complete public view.
The church is called Igreja do Sacramento and it’s found on a street of the same name in the Chiado district, just steps from the ruins of Carmo Convent. It dates from the 17th century, had additional works in the 18th, and includes some beautiful paintings in the ceiling dating from 1805. The damage if suffered over the last twenty years was not just due to the fire of 88 but also because of work underneath its foundation as Lisbon’s metro dug its tunnels in the expansion of its lines.
This church also has a crypt with mummified bodies, and it’s the only church in Lisbon facing East where the sun rises. Another curiosity is that its religious services on Sundays at 6PM will be conducted in Latin!

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  1. É das raras igrejas – a única, em Lisboa – virada para poente… Don’t you mean West facing? Nascente means east.

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