Lisbon’s Newest, Coolest Viewpoint Café: “Portas do Sol”

Café Portas do Sol

Dark skies and colder temperatures don’t have to prevent you from enjoying the views from Lisbon’s beautiful miradouros (viewpoints). After all, thermometers never reach the freezing point in this city, so you can sit at a café table or cushy seat enjoying a drink and the views at any time of the year. A new place for that is called “Portas do Sol,” and as the name indicates, it’s found on a terrace by the Miradouro das Portas do Sol. The backdrop are the twin towers of the São Vicente Monastery, the dome of the National Pantheon, and the roofs of Alfama‘s colorful houses down to the river.
It’s open day and night (until midnight except on Fridays and Saturdays when closing time is only at 2AM), and also includes an indoor area with glass walls so that you can still admire the view if rain starts to pour during the winter months. But because Lisbon is the least rainy capital in Europe, you’ll probably find yourself sitting on the black terrace couches or at one of the outdoor tables enjoying the special menu. It’s special because unlike the usual toasted sandwiches offered at most viewpoint cafés, at “Portas do Sol” you can choose soup, some quite original sandwiches, and salads. Everything is average-priced (ranging between 5 and 10 euros) and served to the sound of chill-out music.

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