“Matiz Pombalina” – A Quintessential Lisbon Bar

Matiz Pombalina Bar, Lisbon

Located between the young and hip Santos district and residential, aristocratic Lapa, Matiz Pombalina is a new bar to be discovered, especially during the winter days when the outdoor cafés become less attractive and you prefer to be indoors. It’s a quintessential Lisbon bar: somewhat hidden off the beaten path, but a wonderful surprise offering the elegance of the past combined with modern touches. The building and the name recall the Pombaline era, the second half of the 18th century when Marquês de Pombal rebuilt Lisbon after the Great Earthquake of 1755. The furnishings are classic and colorful, the cocktails are 21st century (there is one called “Obama”), and the ambience is perfect for a late-afternoon or late-night cocktail. It’s a bar for chatting and drinking, and where smokers are still welcome, in a separate area. The walls are also used for an art exhibition and on the patio where smoking is allowed is a reproduction of an 18th century tile panel.
In the air are jazzy sounds, soul, or bossa nova.
It opens from 6PM to 2AM from Tuesday to Saturday, and the space may also be rented for private events.

Address: Rua das Trinas, 25
Phone: 21 404 37 03
Web: www.matiz-pombalina.pt