Lisbon Restaurant News: The Chef of the Year and a New Michelin Star

Quinta dos Frades Restaurant, Lisbon

Lisbon‘s 20th edition of the “Chef of the Year” contest has just crowned one of the head chefs of Quinta dos Frades, a restaurant led by the also award-winning Chakall (famous for his cookbooks and TV cooking show). His name is Igor Martinho, and at the age of 25 he is now one of Portugal’s most promising chefs. Just like anyone in that profession, his dream is to one day open his own restaurant but at the moment he’s concentrating on evolving his talent further, something he’ll be able to do in an upcoming internship in Copenhagen’s Noma Restaurant, winner of two Michelin stars.
Speaking of Michelin stars, a new Lisbon restaurant has been added to the list of the discerning French guide. It’s not exactly new — in fact it’s Portugal’s oldest restaurant, now celebrating 225 years of age, as reported here on GoLisbon: Lisbon’s Oldest Restaurant is Turning 225 Years Old — but now that it has a new talented young chef innovating in the kitchen, it has caught the attention of the Michelin judges.
So in addition to Eleven, you can now add Tavares to the list of restaurants with the seal of approval of Michelin in Lisbon, but considering the raised quality of the city’s restaurants in the past couple of years, others should also be able to gain that distinction in the future. Or maybe not, since Michelin is known to have a bias towards French haute cuisine-inspired menus…


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  1. Well, I don’t know if I can agree 100% with this selection.

    Lisbon has really good restaurants, and from my humble opinion, better ones then Quinta dos Frades.

    But it’s Michelin’s opinion anyway.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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