A Lisbon Christmas Shopping List: 10 Shops for Your Gifts

Pelcor, Lisbon shopWhether you’re visiting Portugal around the holidays and are looking for an “only in Lisbon” gift to take back home, or live in the city and going through the stressful Christmas shopping sprees, you’ll want to check out some of Lisbon’s most authentic shops. While 3 out of every 4 Christmas gifts are either a book, DVD, music, or clothing, there are countless other more imaginative choices. In Lisbon, these are ten places to go for something different:

Antes e Depois
Travessa da Espera, 47 (Bairro Alto)
Phone: 934 305 562
This time capsule of a shop in Bairro Alto offers traditional Portuguese toys from the days before video games. Perfect for finding gifts for children or the child in every adult, the colorful objects come in retro-pop packagings and offer hours of playtime — or can even be used as a decorative piece!

Casa Havaneza
Largo do Chiado, 25 (Chiado)
Phone: 213 420 340
Buying gifts for men is usually a little more difficult than for women. To avoid getting a tie that just may end up not being to his taste, visit this classic Lisbon shop which was first known as a cigar store in the 19th century. The exclusive cigars are still there, but there are also some other rather luxurious gifts available such as pens and special bottles of liquor.

Claudio Corallo
Rua Cecilio da Sousa, 85 (Principe Real)
Phone: 213 862 158
Specializing in chocolate and coffee from Portugal’s former African colony of São Tomé and Principe, this shop offers the perfect gift for the more gourmet-oriented or sweet-toothed member of your family.

Jimmy Portuguese Styleshop
Rua das Flores, 100 (Chiado)
Phone: 918 984 695
For 100% Portuguese design pieces in a variety of shapes and colors, visit this shop around the corner from the Bairro Alto Hotel in Chiado. It includes fashion accessories and contemporary versions of classic Portuguese icons.

Rua Dom Pedro V, 111 (Principe Real)
Phone: 213 467 011
As one of Lisbon’s best gourmet shops, Moy guarantees that you’ll find a variety of Portuguese and international products. From cheeses to caviar, to Brazilian and Angolan coffees, you’ll be able to create the most appetizing gift basket in Lisbon.

Rua da Misericórdia, 100 (Chiado)
Phone: 213 472 293
This recent shop in Chiado specializes in 100% Portuguese cowhide handbags, all handmade in a factory in Sintra. They come in rather large sizes, making them perfect for those women who must carry their entire life inside their bags and who prefer exclusive items.

Rua das Pedras Negras, 32 (Baixa)
Phone: 213 049 727
Cork is one of Portugal’s most exported goods (in fact, the country is the world’s largest exporter of it), so there’s nothing more Portuguese than a cork product. That’s what may have inspired Pelcor to offer a large variety of products completely made of cork, from handbags to footwear, to even a few housewares.

UPDATE: This shop has closed.
Travessa da Espera, 17 (Bairro Alto)
Phone: 211 560 148
Finding creations from top Portuguese fashion designers has become easier since the opening of Porconceito. This Bairro Alto shop offers stylish sunglasses, purses, perfumes, and fashion accessories at quite reasonable prices, considering their origin.

Tom Tom Shop
Rua de O Século, 4A (Bairro Alto)
Phone: 213 479 733
You won’t have more fun shopping at any other store in Lisbon. By the entrance are a few humorous gifts while towards the back are all kinds of very original houseware pieces. From lighting to clocks, to kitchen utensils, you won’t resist buying something for yourself and plenty of other people on your list.

The Wrong Shop
UPDATE: This shop has closed.
Calçada do Sacramento, 25 (Chiado)
Phone: 213 433 197
While Christmas may be a time for peace and spreading love around, it’s also time to be completely honest. So for that there’s an “I Hate You” gift at The Wrong Shop in Chiado! Known for its quirky gifts and souvenirs, it’s now showcasing items for everyone, whether you love them or hate them! It can be a merry Christmas indeed!