Dining Over Lisbon: The 5 Best Lisbon Restaurants with City Views

Restaurante Via Graça, Lisboa

Instead of the usual 300 days of sunshine per year, Lisbon must have gotten just about 250 in the past 12 months. This winter has been particularly brutal throughout Europe, and although there are no snow storms or below-zero temperatures here in Lisbon, the city has gotten plenty of rain. That can ruin most sightseeing plans, so if you find yourself in the city during a dark and wet winter day, you should look for alternatives to your planned itinerary. Usually you’d admire the city from its famous viewpoints, but you can avoid getting yourself and your camera wet by looking at similar views from indoors. There are several restaurants in the city that offer panoramic views, and where you can save time by doing some sightseeing as you eat. These are the five best choices for that:

It seems that everyone in Lisbon takes their foreign friends to this restaurant. It’s understandable to see why, as it offers one of the best views over the city. Its outdoor terrace is one of the most pleasant spots on warmer days, while its interior dining area features large windows through which you can see all of Lisbon descending to the Tagus. The menu is an international fusion of flavors, and the prices pay for the food and the views.

The Michelin-star experience at this restaurant is not just because of the food. It also offers 5-star views over Lisbon, from the top of Edward VII Park all the way to the river. It’s known as Lisbon’s most ambitious restaurant, meaning also the most expensive, but everything from the service to the food and views are worth the splurge.

Lisbon’s Sheraton Hotel is the tallest building in the center of the city, so its restaurant on the top floor has one of the best panoramic views of Lisbon. It serves a combination of Portuguese and international dishes in a refined atmosphere which you don’t have to stay at the hotel to enjoy.

The top of the Tivoli Lisboa Hotel was reserved to offer guests and non-guests one of the finest views over Lisbon. This way everyone can enjoy looking at the castle and above Avenida da Liberdade pointing towards the river, and enjoy a refined menu of Portuguese cuisine.

Via Graça
It’s found not far from the Graça viewpoint, yet it remains a local secret away from the beaten tourist path. The views from its windows are very similar to those from Graça and Senhora do Monte viewpoints, and while the prices may be above average, the food is quite worth it, all classic Portuguese cuisine.

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  1. Although all those restaurants have great views, one should not forget the Tágide, with its romantic view over the Baixa and Castel and the River. And the food is great.

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