Discovering Portugal’s Madeira Wine in Virtuoso Life Magazine

Madeira Wine

The current issue of luxury travel magazine Virtuoso Life is its annual edition entirely devoted to Europe, and it includes a 3-page article about Portugal’s Madeira wine (last year’s issue had Lisbon on the cover). Madeira is a centuries-old wine from the Portuguese island of the same name, made internationally famous through British importers, having even been the wine used by America’s founding fathers to toast the Declaration of Independence. The article recommends six “Madeiras,” but if you can’t find those where you live, you can always look for them on a trip to Portugal. This is a wine that the most dedicated oenophiles know well, but if you’re just discovering it, this article is a great introduction.
The magazine also makes a hotel recommendation for a trip to Madeira, the legendary Reid’s Palace Hotel, where Winston Churchill was known to write his war memoirs. You can read the article and the entire issue of the magazine here: Virtuoso Life magazine – Madeira Wine