Lisbon Tourists Say the Price is Right


A new Lisbon tourist survey has found that the main reason travelers choose to visit Lisbon is because the city is so inexpensive. That’s a reflection of the global economic crises where cost speaks louder than anything else. This survey was conducted throughout 2009 and found that another factor weighed when choosing Lisbon as a travel destination is the city’s “beauty and history,” which had been the top reason to visit in previous surveys.
This study also showed that people are planning to travel less, with only two thirds of those questioned saying that they’re likely to return to Lisbon, when about 90% of those asked in previous surveys had said they foresaw a second visit. It seems that everyone’s being much more selective in their travel choices, choosing new, affordable places as opposed to returning to destinations they’ve enjoyed. This may also explain why Lisbon’s tourists in 2009 were mostly first-time visitors, which seems to be a travel trend around the world.
The average age of a Lisbon tourist was found to be between 25 and 34, with senior traveler numbers dropping significantly.

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