“OPAQ” – Lisbon’s Most Fashionable New Restaurant

Restaurante Opaq, Lisbon

UPDATE: This restaurant has closed.

Lisbon’s latest restaurant was one thought for the beautiful people. One of the owners is the president of the Elite model agency, the others are models, and the place is also meant to be a meeting point for the fashion world. “Opaq” is found on a street lined with mostly-abandoned buildings just off Largo Conde Barão in the Santos neighborhood, and was given a glamorous look to match the intended clientele. It’s all about contemporary design, with white and purple tones, all dimly lit.
Considering all of this, you’d expect it to be a pretentious, exclusive place, but it’s actually not looking to become the hot restaurant of the moment. Although it’s linked to the fashion tribes, it’s open and welcoming to everyone.
Usually restaurants by and for the pretty faces and trendy crowds tend to concentrate more on style and forget about the quality of the food, but at Opaq there seems to be an effort to also have an attractive menu. The chef cooks up mostly Portuguese/Mediterranean cuisine, innovating the most traditional dishes, and offering them at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Address: Boqueirão do Duro, 50 (ao largo Conde Barão)
Phone: 213 940 602
Opening times: Closed on Sundays all day and Mondays at dinner time. Lunches served Monday to Friday from 12PM to 3PM.
Website: http://www.opaq.pt/