Lisbon’s Triumphal Arch Is the City’s New Viewpoint

Baixa, Lisbon

Lisbon is already known for its natural and man-made viewpoints from where you can admire the beauty of the city, but starting this May there will be yet another place from where you can get bird’s-eye views. That will be from the top of the city’s triumphal arch that links the riverfront Comercio Square to the popular Rua Augusta.
From the top of the arch you’ll be standing above the monumental square that is undergoing renovation to also be completed in May, and will be able to see Lisbon from every angle, from downtown to Alfama and across the river. To reach the top you’ll have to climb 80 steep steps, although there have been reports of a future elevator.
On the side of the arch that faces Rua Augusta, there is a large clock that was literally stopped in time until a renovation a couple of years ago. However, it’s still showing its age (it ‘s almost 140 years old), and is once again not willing to work properly. That should be fixed this week, although as you may know, in Lisbon time runs at a very different pace, which is actually refreshing, especially when it stands still from one of its many viewpoints.

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