Lisbon to Open a Museum Of the Discoveries

Discoveries Monument, Lisbon

Lisbon is already known as the city of the explorers, the former home of famous names like Vasco da Gama, Prince Henry the Navigator, and Christopher Columbus who all studied how to navigate the seas in the city. But although it has several attractions recalling that “golden age” such as the Martime Museum, the Ancient Art Museum, the Discoveries Monument, and the Orient Museum, there has never been one place completely devoted to telling that epic story of “giving new worlds to the world.” However, it has just been announced that there will be a “Museum of the Discoveries” in the space currently occupied by the Archaeology Museum which will be moving to another building not far way.
That space is one of the wings of the Jeronimos Monastery, itself an emblematic monument from the Age of Discovery, classified as a World Heritage Site.
The museum will include pieces currently seen at other museums, and if past reports remain true, it will also feature multimedia displays about the spread of the Portuguese culture around the world, and the meeting of European and indigenous cultures in all corners of the globe.
In the meantime, if you’re curious about the theme of world exploration and Lisbon’s pioneering role in it, see our page about the Age of Discovery.